I’m back!


Hello everyone!

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I just came back from a 7-month hiatus.  I was working abroad, living the dream, working on a cruise ship for Holland America Line.  More specifically, I worked on 3 cruise ships:  the Maasdam, the Eurodam, and the Rotterdam.

No, I wasn’t doing makeup on board (although I gave a few makeup lessons to fellow crew members).  I was a Port Shopping Lecturer.  I looooved this job because it combined my love of shopping with my love of cruising! Basically, this job involved getting up on stage and giving talks on the various ports we would visit, and informing the passengers about all the great shopping opportunities to be had.  While I was in the ports of call, I’d visit the recommended stores and help the passengers with any and all of their shopping needs.

In 7 months, I visited 18 countries spanning North America, the Caribbean, Central & South America, French Polynesia and Hawaii.  What an incredible experience!  I made new friends from all over the world and I have memories that will last a lifetime.

Of course I missed home immensely!  It’s great to be back.  Will I do it again? Maybe…But, I’m here for the summer!  So, if anyone needs a makeup artist for weddings, showers, photo shoots, special events, or whatever the case may be, drop me a line because I’m back!